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TFPIE 2013

TFPIE 2013 is the second International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in Education. It is co-located with TFP 2013 at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA. For more information, consult the current home page of TFPIE 2013.


Below you can find the draft papers and additional material provided by the participants of TFPIE 2013. The order is identical to the workshop program.

  1. From Principles to Practice with Class in the First Year (Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, David Van Horn) File:TFPIE 2013 Principles to Practice with Class.pdf
  2. Structural Induction Principles for Functional Programmers (James Caldwell) File:TFPIE2013 Structural Induction Principles.pdf
  3. Hardware design in education using ClaSH (Rinse Wester, Jan Kuper, Christiaan Baaij) File:TFPIE2013 Hardware Design Using Clash.pdf
  4. Racket Functional Programming to Elementary Mathematic Teachers (Dalit Levy) File:TFPIE2013 Racket Functional Programming.pdf
  5. Functional Reactive Programming in K12 Education (John Peterson, Alan Cleary) File:TFPIE2013 Functional Reactive Programming.pdf
  6. Steps towards teaching the Clojure programming language in an introductory CS class (Elena Machkasova, Stephen J Adams, Joe Einertson) File:TFPIE2013 Steps Towards Teaching Clojure.pdf

Invited Speaker

It is our pleasure that Matthew Flatt has accepted our invitation to give an extensive invited talk! He will talk about how to create student programming languages.